NIEUWS 19/03/2021

Daikin CO2 Conveni-Pack

Integrated refrigeration, heating and air conditioning system in one compact unit using CO2 as refrigerant to achieve a sustainable refrigeration cycle.

Conveni-Pack is the ideal solution for retailers who are facing a growing need to provide fresh goods, prepared meals and chilled drinks ... all at the same time. Environmental and zoning requirements are stricter than ever and energy costs must be kept under control.

Conveni-pack reduces total energy demand due to its unique, integrated approach to food conservation and space heating/cooling.

  • Energy consumption reduced by up to 50%
  • No GWP
  • Lower associated CO₂ emissions
  • Applicable for small to medium-size applications
  • Space-saving and installation flexibility
  • Improved in-store comfort
  • Low noise level
  • Heat recovery
  • Integrated heat pump functionality

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